Staff Picks for November 2015

Staff Picks for November 2015

Some of our favourite and most popular product picks for November with an explainer for each.


Djeco Art Kits


Why: Djeco produces high quality art kits from sand and glitter art to drawing, watercolours and origami and kiragami. These kits are a great way to release creativity during the holiday season. A great way to keep kids occupied these holidays as they can be done on one’s own or with a friend.


Super Genius Card Games

Why: Why: This series is a fun way to learn reading and comprehension skills, while matching words to pictures. It starts with first words and goes to extra levels. There are even maths ones to improve multiplication and knowledge of times tables.



Why: My favourite toy that allows for creativity, imagination and building all at the same time. These magnetic construction tiles develop mathematical thinking through the power of magnets. With endless possibility for creation’s your child will soon want to add more Magformers to their collection so they can build even bigger and better creations.

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