Skating: The Balance Between Safety and Style

Skating: The Balance Between Safety and Style

Skating, and the styles that come with it, has been around since the 1940s. In terms of toys, skateboarding is one of the more exhilarating sports and can be fun for kids of all ages. However, with the negative stigma surrounding helmets and protective gear in the skating scene, is it possible for your child to be both safe and stylish?


Helmets are a necessary piece of protection for all skaters both young and old. Not wearing one can put your child at risk for a concussion, fractures or other serious injury. A helmet is an imperative piece of equipment that you must purchase for your child if they are using a skateboard. In fact, many skate parks and entertainment arenas insist upon a helmet as a condition of entry.

Don’t be worried about jeopardising your child’s ‘cool’ image, as helmets aren’t always inherently unstylish. If your child has doubts about whether protective headgear can look good, try a skate helmet like our Kiddimotto Helmet. They look good, won’t make your child stand out, and the stylish design will ensure your little one can protect themselves without looking ridiculous.

These helmets bring style and safety together and are multifunctional. Not only can your child use them while skating,  but they can also be used for cycling and scooters! All of the helmets we stock adhere to Australian safety standards, which means they have been tested to ensure your child’s noggin is as safe as possible. We have a range of helmet colours available  in our Rose Bay store, so ask our helpful staff if you need any guidance.

Protective Gear

This is more of an optional layer of protection, unless your child is performing more extreme stunts. However, you should still consider knee and elbow pads for your child, as wearing them could mean the difference between a broken bone and getting up unscathed.

To avoid groans and sighs from your child, go for protective gear that is as slim and unnoticeable as possible. This way, you can put your mind at ease that your child has protected their knees and elbows without looking like a hockey goalie.

Ready To Skate

The balance between safety and style is one that can be achieved, albeit with a little compromise from both kids and parents! Style is a big part of the skating scene, and parents should embrace that, but not at the expense of their child’s safety.

In the long run, you will grateful that you protected your child’s body, because not only will it ensure they don’t suffer serious injuries, but they’ll be able to continue skating and other physical activity for as long as they want. Be safe, let your little one enjoy the skating scene and look stylish while they follow their passion.

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