What Red Rocket Can Offer You

What Red Rocket Can Offer You



Whether you’re shopping for Christmas or a special someone’s birthday, finding the right toy that not only provides hours of entertainment but which also offers additional benefits is rarely as straightforward as it seems. We understand the importance of providing top quality toys that offer great opportunities for young children to engage in physical activity, imaginative play and intellectual stimulation. If you care about the type of toy you buy, our great selection of premium, creative choices is ideal. No matter what type of child you’re shopping for, at Red Rocket you will always find the toy that works. Why not take a look at what we’ve got available?

Traditional and Contemporary Toys

At Red Rocket, each individual product is selected carefully to ensure a diverse range in which we have something for everyone. From skateboards and dress up accessories, to train sets and wooden toys, our assortment of classics and high grade new arrivals ensures that we have something suitable for all children, whatever their tastes may be.

Experienced, Helpful Staff

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team are always happy to help. Whether you need product recommendations or ideas on popular items, a Red Rocket staff member is always on hand to assist you. Every member of our team is committed to making sure our customers get the toys they need, maximising the chances of making your favourite little person’s day one to remember.

Gift Vouchers and VIP Shopping Trips

At Red Rocket, we know that online shopping doesn’t tickle everyones fancy. If you prefer being able to browse the aisles in person to find the most suitable product, why not pay a visit to one of our shops?  Our friendly, approachable and knowledgable staff are always delighted to see you and can also arrange a VIP shopping trip for you – either individually or as a group. This will give you the opportunity to browse our store at your leisure, selecting the items you want with the help of our attentive staff.
We understand that picking the brain of a child can prove extremely difficult, even with the assistance of our trained sales associates. When simply unable to decide what might be the ideal toy, our gift vouchers are a popular choice that ensure the perfect toy will be sourced, one way or another.

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent combination of fantastic products and dedicated, friendly customer service. No matter what you or your child’s heart desires, at Red Rocket we guarantee we will have a suitable selection that meets both yours and their requirements.

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