We Love: Magnetic Construction

We Love: Magnetic Construction

There’s something magical about magnetic toys that will enthral your children for hours on end. The good news is that there are sets available for kids of any age. So, if you want a beginner’s set to kick-start critical thinking, or if you have a budding engineer on your hands who requires a challenge, the following five options should be able to satisfy every curiosity.

1. Brio Wooden Magnetic Blocks

Suitable for young ones who are coming to grips with their fine motor skills, these magnetic blocks and balls are sure to catch their attention. You won’t need to worry about choking hazards, and this set is also extremely easy to pack away. One advantage of playing with magnets is that they keep everything together.

2. Tengu Wooden Magnetic Blocks (42 Piece)

This wooden magnetic set is reminiscent of a bygone era. With a range of shapes that will delight boys and girls up to five years old, this toy combines the curiosity of magnetic construction with the limitless possibilities of imagination.

3. Magnatiles 32 Piece Set

When your child starts requiring a more intellectual challenge, this set is a great way to introduce 3D geometric concepts. By matching shapes and working with angles, the mathematical part of the brain will fire up, while the magnets do their job to hold everything in place.

4. Geomag Colour 64

Taking things to the next level, quite literally, this set of 64 pieces will allow kids to work their way upwards. With magnetic balls serving as joinery, your child will be forced to concentrate and plan, as structures begin to rise from the rubble. With instructions outlining a number of set challenges, this set of rods and tiles is suitable for ages three and up.

5. Magformers Deluxe Super Brain (200 Piece)

If your child shows an aptitude for intellectual pursuits, then this premium toy will help them to comprehend the world around them. Starting with geometry, you can even start to incorporate more abstract concepts, like the laws of physics. With 200 pieces giving you hundreds of multi-coloured possibilities, the creations that your child delivers will be truly impressive.

Magnetic toys are growing in popularity because they aid the imaginative and conceptual abilities of children as they play individually, or with their friends. To encourage thinking beyond what is merely placed in front of them, work with a magnetic set and watch your kids thrive, while having hours of fun.

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