Keeping Kids Busy This Long Weekend

Keeping Kids Busy This Long Weekend

Kids Long Weekend


With the weather getting colder, your kids won’t want to be cooped up at home all this long weekend. So at Red Rocket Toys in Rose Bay, we’ve come up with a few interesting ideas to while away those long, chilly hours whilst having fun spending time with the family.

1. Head To The Beach

But it’s winter! That doesn’t mean you can’t rug up in coats, hats and scarves and explore what else our amazing coastlines have to offer in any month or season. Take the bucket and spade and dig a deep hole or build a huge sandcastle, or go for a long walk whilst exploring the rock pools for signs of native life like crabs or yabbies, taking videos and photos as you go.

2. Go For A Bushwalk

There are so many untouched areas, all within easy driving distance of the cities, for you to heat up those chilly bodies with the natural furnaces of our own rising heart-beats. Pack a rug and a Thermos and stop for a picnic lunch, or to turn up the adrenaline even more, pack the mountain bikes too and see how far you can explore those native trails.

3. Other Outdoor Activities

Look up the location of a local skate or BMX park and make a day of it with your bike, skateboard, rollerblades or scooter. Grab the basketball or soccer ball and find somewhere close with a hoop or a net, or dip a toe into the world of fishing by using a basic handline, digging up some worms and seeing if you can find the catch of the day.

4. Stay Home

Prefer to light the wood fire and stay home instead? There are still plenty of things to do: play dress-up or explore some of the older toys in the cupboards, pull out the paper and pencil and get creative rather than turning on the TV, play card or board games, or do a puzzle. There are also lots more active indoor games, like hopscotch using masking tape rather than chalk, hide and seek, and indoor bowling.

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