The Great Debate: Plastic or Wood toys?

The Great Debate: Plastic or Wood toys?

Plastic or wood? That’s been the question all toy-loving folk have asked since plastic toys first started being released. We believe there is a place for both and stock a great variety of good quality wooden toys that can be handed from generation to generation, whilst also stocking great plastic made toys that will stand the test of time. So we here at Red Rocket Toys decided to make a list, check it twice, and look at just how fun, exciting and mind-boggling fantastic the toys in the plastic and wood categories truly are. Here are our top three of each.


1.  Aerobie Pro 13

The Aerobie Pro isn’t just the best Frisbee ever, it is the world’s best flying ring. With every throw, it’ll give your child spectacular flights, soft easy catches and the most thrilling games of Frisbee they’ll ever play.

2. Bruder Fire Engine

Flashing lights! Blazing sirens! A real working fire hose! The Bruder Fire Truck is one of the best fire engines around for action-packed fun. Your children will love playing the hero as they blaze into action to save the day.

3. Lego – One of the most universally recognised brands has been captivating the imagination and ingenuity of kids with plastic bricks for over 80 years. Check out our large selection in store.



1. Brio Deluxe Railway Set

Think of the greatest wooden train set your child can imagine and then add big wheeled dump trucks, huge ocean crossing cargo ships and giant cranes and you have the wonderful world of the Brio Deluxe Railway Set.

2. Janod Fishing Game

An oldie but a goodie, the Janod Fishing Game is a classic that will keep everyone entertained all day long. The goal is to catch the little rascal fishes with the magnets swinging at the end of your fishing rod. Grab as many fish as you can, but be careful not to drop your catch!

3.  New Classic Toys Containership


With so many excellent options, it can be tough to choose between plastic and wood toys for the little ones in your life. But whatever you decide, check out the great range at Red Rocket, your online toy store and your local toy store in Rose Bay.

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