Take the hassle out of selecting gifts with our personal gift selection service.
Fill in the form below and our knowledgeable staff will pick out just the right gift, taking into account the age, gender, price point and personal interests you’ve nominated. We’ll have the gift wrapped and ready for you to collect, or can deliver within the eastern suburbs if the combined amount is over $150.

The easiest way ever to shop for presents.

Group Presents

Rather than buy lots of little presents why not join forces and buy a bigger present that will be used more often and make the child and parents happier. This can work in several ways. Through a voucher. We have teamed up with Kindy’s to add an extra 10% to any voucher a provided it is used on a regular basis. Or just contact us and we will send you (and if you want all those that may wish to contribute) our bank account details and everyone can contribute using the Child’s name as a reference and they will have a store voucher/credit to use at their leisure. We are even happy to order in most items should they want something not in store.

Corporate and Member Based Organisations

We have good relationships with corporate’s and member based organisations. We continue to provide Christmas presents for end of year parties and occasions for children as well as corporate branded products for example soccer balls, rugby balls and hand-balls. If you are running an event for members or staff and their children and need presents (all wrapped and delivered according to age and gender) then please contact us. *min spend per present required.


With so many options on offer at Red Rocket Toy Store, a wishlist is a handy way to keep track of birthday or Christmas gift ideas. Download our birthday or Christmas wishlists and email back to us so we can assist your family and friends with their gift selections, we will ask if it is your child they are shopping for and steer them towards selected items.

Private Shopping

Seeking discretion and a more private, personal shopping experience? We are happy to open our doors out-of-hours to accommodate your needs (minimum spend required). Groups wanting the ultimate xmas buying experience have also enjoyed this service. We will also commence VIP shopping nights that our VIP customers will be able to take advantage of.

Delivery and Assembly

Red Rocket Toy Store offers a complimentary delivery service for combined purchases over $200 (to the local Eastern Suburbs area). Postage of items outside of this area can also be arranged (for a fee). Flat packed and bulky items can be assembled by our handy team for a small fee.
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