Children’s Party Must-Haves

Children’s Party Must-Haves

Every children’s party needs to have a sweet mix of different things to make it a vibrant, enjoyable, exciting and memorable event, but if you’re no event planner, this can be quite a difficult task. Here are some handy tips to help you transform a simple gathering into a memorable experience for your children.

A Balanced Variety Of Party Food

Kids love sweets, and would most likely expect to snag quite a few lollies. However things can get out of hand if only sweets are served at the table. Our solution would be to provide healthy kid-friendly snacks such as fruit kebabs, carrot and cucumber sticks, and dried fruits. Add variety to your party menu with a few classic favourites like potato wedges and pizza, as well as some small sweets. After all, who doesn’t like to have a treat every once in a while?

Party Music For The Kids

Music is an important part of every kid’s party. It’s a given that the kids will know a lot of the current pop hits, so consult your child for some songs that are popular right now and create a playlist. You could also hire a DJ who knows what kids like to listen to at parties, whatever age they are.

Put On A Show – Literally!

Get creative with the different types of party entertainers you hire, whether it be clowns, fairy princesses or other colourful characters to keep the children entertained and active. Entertainers could also provide activities like face painting and balloon twisting apart from short shows and skits.

Toys, Toys, Toys

Small toys can be used as consolation prizes for participants in party games and bigger toys can be awarded to winners of the various party activities. Prizes will make even the shyest of kids want to get involved! At the end of the party, have a loot bag full of smaller novelty toys for each child to take home, adding a nice finishing touch to the party experience and ensuring the kids will be talking about the party for days. If you’re looking for the best toys for your child’s birthday party, head to our online toy store!

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